Sunday, February 28, 2010

roof roof

Logan loves helping at the house!

The roof is going on this week! I can see it now it is going to look great!

We welcome to our tribe Zepplin Flynn~ he is the most excellent dog~ He is about a year old and we got him from a friend. ~

He is so cute and he has this great smile~ He is wonderful with little boys ~We are in love with our little road dog~

Friday, February 26, 2010

through and through

max & logan's room

kitchen/laundry all the way through to the master bath

front room and zach's room

here are some pictures from today~ LOOK at that front porch :) My builder keeps telling me "Don't be scared"~

This weekend I am picking out bath tubs so we can have them at the house when the plumber and electrician come out Monday. The roof will be done this weekend. I can see it all in my mind and I love it! We are making the boys bathroom bigger and making it a jack and (jill) jack bathroom (the boys hate when i say jack and jill bathroom) to where they can enter the bathroom from their room~ it is going to look so great!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

kitchens and bathrooms

I am overwhelmed with paint swatches and design magazines~ I have finally pinned down the color & design of my kitchen~

I am thinking a light VIOLET for the Master bedroom and bath~

Ok here is the color that will be on the kitchen walls, we picked out a cherry colored cabinets and light granite counter tops~ I was ready to have laminate counter tops to save in money but they are having a huge sale on granite so ... Mama is getting a beautiful light cream (with black flakes) granite counter top :)
Now I have to think about bathrooms because they need to get the bath tubs in before they put walls back up~ I am so excited I wake up every morning at 4 am and just start getting excited about the house. It just doesn't seem real~

Friday, February 19, 2010


Here is the front deck!! I am so excited to get my rocking chair on that front porch!!

Master Bath

Zach's room

Max and Logan's room~ (Max can't wait to have the pink REMOVED from these walls)

Living room

Kitchen (sink and shelves will be here and that window will stay open into the playroom area)

Kitchen (where the stove & shelves will be)

Laundry room

These guys have done alot of work in only a few days~ it doesn't even seem real. Our Builder and friend says they can be done around the end of March!!! Wooooweeeee~
WE have been also looking for dog or dogs to adopt. We have found a set of Corgi (mix) sisters that are a year old (house trained) we will see what the future holds. But it is very important to all of us in the family that we adopt. I was thinking puppy at first then I was thinking NEW CARPET!!! So maybe an older puppy would work for us. Just thinking ~

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It's only TUESDAY

Workers have been out at the house for the past 2 days~ I was told by my builder to go and pick out my kitchen. Woweeee !!! So I went and picked out all the kitchen appliances~ stove, hood, dishwasher, refrigerator, washer and dryer. What a process ~ so overwhelming. So....I went with Frigidaire everything ~ color~ classic black on all appliances. I was going to go chrome but I couldn't justify paying extra and the black looked pretty cool. Here are the links if you want to see to most of them
NOW I have a direction and from there it was easy. I really can't wait for the washer and dryer~ So funny the things I get excited about these days. They are all ordered and paid for what a good feeling!
I have found the perfect color and design for my kitchen~ So happy today & now I can focus on the living room and bathrooms~ I just kept finding my self saying "what DO you want?" "What DO you want?"
I have not seen but I hear the bathrooms, boys rooms and the kitchen are all gutted and they are starting on the deck and the roof today~ This is a good pace and we may be finished sooner than I expected! I can't believe it is only Tuesday~

Friday, February 12, 2010

Hometown Road Home Owners!!!!!!

Here is the view from our front porch~ we are planning on making our porch wrap around the front. Sort of feeling the overwhelming task of picking out EVERYTHING~ color, flooring, bathrooms, kitchens~ what DO we want?!? I find myself scrambling for design mags ,furniture designs and paint swatches.

We are turning this back porch into a bonus room or play room! Our storm shelter is huge has shelves and electricity :)

We are gutting the house knocking out walls and re doing everything!

We are thinking of instead of wood paneling how about a rock wall or something!!!!
I am loving taking the before pictures~ because we all have such great ideas for this house. It was so cool to spend the afternoon out in the country! We love the name of our street ~ Hometown Road~

WE have alot to do and it will be alot of work for a few months~ when we are done this little house on Hometown road will be adorable:) Nothing like that great feeling of answered prayer~ we were over joyed today!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

quiet day~ knitting away

Today is a day I have needed for a long time. It is quiet here. I have time to think, pray and get some knitting done. I found this yarn at my Dad's house~ it was my Nana's and it smells like her. I am using it to make my sisters future baby (coming in April) Rory a baby hat. I am making up the pattern and I hope it fits :) I need to get these little projects done before I start packing away~

This should be done in a couple days~hopefully it stays quiet :)

I enjoy these days with just Logan and I. He is being a big help lately ~growing up so fast.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

A new home in the country

Starting a new life in the country and I am starting a new blog~ thought it would be good to start fresh. This is our little house in the country and it needs alot of work~ luckily my husbands best friend is a contractor. This little home will need to be worked on inside and out and with all the things we need to do we should be able to move in in April. There is a storm shelter and chicken coop in the back yard~ I plan on planting a willow tree. More pictures will be coming soon. I will be posting gardening tips that I will TRY, keeping chickens, new dog , new painting & decorating tips