Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Workin' GAL

I am NOW currently employed at Best Buy Warehouse here in Ardmore. My town is too small to have an actual Best Buy store but the main shipping warehouse is here. I am working as Loss Prevention Officer or Asset Protection (My Dad who always wanted me to be a cop is thrilled at my new POWER) I really lucked out getting this job, most of the people I work with had to work at this company for YEARS to get this position. I was originally hired just to work Saturday and Sunday evenings but I have picked up several hours for training and have a feeling it will be more of a full time gig especially during PEAK season which is coming up.
I pretty much search EVERYONE who exits the warehouse,watch them walk through the metal detector and wand them if they continue to make the machine beep,watch over 60 surveillance cameras and eventually I will be checking semi trucks in and out of the facility.
I was sort of resistant to going back to work at first, feeling like I would be leaving my boys and not doing my MOMMY duties. Gregg however has worked so hard for us over the years and just can't work as hard as he used too do to his recent neck surgeries. Once I started back I REALLY LOVED IT!! I love working with ADULTS again~ I am so used to volunteering at the church with kids and dealing with my lil guys going to all kid functions, I almost forgot how to have an adult conversation. I still felt guilty that first night I worked but when I got home the house was still in tact, kids were fed and everything was good.... they barely missed ME!!! Ok I thought to myself they will not be able to function when I take on all these hours next week~THEY FUNCTIONED. They really love being home with Daddy and he is a great Mr. Mom. He packs my lunch , does laundry, cleans the house, makes the beds , takes the boys to football practice and even went to Max's parent teacher conferences.
This year has been so different and I don't know why I fight change~One of those major changes is my teenager ~Zach is a Senior and doing all the things I remember doing NOT SO LONG AGO, I can hardly think of it with out being in tears but I am slowly embracing the new changes like working again. I am grateful to work for such a good company in such a good position.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mom's visit

Mom and Lyla came to stay for the weekend. Bawpa Chris took Max and Zach to 3 Yankee Baseball games in Dallas. So we had a girls weekend ;)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

checkin in

Ok I haven't gotten my camera cord yet so...no new pics.

We have been super busy with school starting ~I pulled Logan out of his 3 year old class, he just wasn't ready and the teacher was not the best for him. Max however is LOVING his new school the first day he met a bunch of friends (he wasn't nervous at all), he is on the football team so we have been filling these nights up with football practice. Zach is growing more and more into a man he is taking a few hours at the high school, is taking 2 college classes and he recently got a job helping tudor and watch kids in the afternoon. He starts next week and he is super excited.

I too will possibly be entering back into the work place~ I have applied for several part time jobs and got 2 good offers rather quickly (which was a good feeling). My husbands health has been a concern so I am excited to work a few days a week. I like my sister Tara have been working out HARD~ I run 2miles every other day, lift weights and do pilates on the other days I give myself one day to rest during the week. I have worked out everyday for the past month in a half~ praying I can keep this up!