Tuesday, March 30, 2010

other pics

OK Mom we will take Brie's cat!!! This is a little mouse tunnel that was built under a piece of board. Mom keeps wanting me to take Monkey (this cat that just FOUND Brie) and I have not really been interested until today!!! These field mice are GIGANTIC~So Bring her out Mom!!!!!!!! The dogs seem to be nice to the neighbors cat so we will try it because to me field mice means snakes and this momma don't like snakes.

moving right along waiting for our plumbing to be finished.

this would be the bathroom and Max's room into the dining room~ below is a better shot

Zach room is on the left, then bath, then Max and Logan's room

This would be part of the kitchen through to the dining or backroom~ I am loving the idea of a passer bar :)

Monday, March 29, 2010

things that are left behind

Whenever I have rented a house I have always found things left behind by the previous people. I was excited this weekend when we all found little treasures~ Um there was a dumpster fire this weekend too but that story is too long~
I love my new whirlpool/tub I can't wait to take a soak~ and I had to take a pic of the happy moment I was having :)

I found a wedding dress with everything!! Dress, after party dress, everything this lady wore on her wedding night!!!

Our neighbor's sister used to own this house I am going to ask her if she might want it back? Is she still alive? Oh the questions I think about~ maybe this was from some first marriage and she left it behind. We found it in the future "MAN CAVE" (which is our garage)~ My mind wanders

I like how this one says "bird house"

Hmmm I wonder if someone was was hiding liquor :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

walls, windows, dogs and fences

The new addition to our ever growing family is Rusty~ you see him running happily with Zep following. The McCleskey's watched Zep all this time for us and he made friends with ole Rusty. SO Rusty is now retiring to the country :)

Doesn't that little house look cute out in the yard :)

Fence is finished and looks amazing~ I love being able to lock the animals (Logan included) in the back yard.

We are going to put siding up on this back part and build back stairs.

I absolutely LOVE this tree. I never knew it would bloom and be so beautiful, when we started looking at the house it looked scary and dead.

Other side of the house with the fence up :)

Back windows are WONDERFUL.

SO this will be the dining room.

Walls are all up except in the bathroom the plumber is still hooking the tubs and toilets up.

Proud Daddy

Friday, March 19, 2010

Moving right along~


I think it looks good with the BLUE roof :) & the beautiful blue sky~

1/2 of the fence is up now, just a little part on the other side needs to be done and then we get to have our doggie out here. I am packing away anything that can be packed. I HATE PACKING!!!!! I pray that this is the last time I move EVER~
Some of the walls are going up inside today and once the walls are up it is downhill from there carpet, paint, kitchen cabinets and MOVE IN!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

NEW ROOF~ spring break

We are so ready YA'LL

A good friend of mine is moving to NC :( and offered to give us their playhouse. This will be the boys club house or dog house or..... she called just in time, we can get it in the back yard before the fence is finished~

Look at these lovely front steps just a few more boards~

Look at that roof HAWAIIAN BLUE

Notice the sleeping bags~Max, Gregg and several friends and their boys went camping out at the house this weekend. They ate meat and shot guns ~ they had a blast~ I stayed home with the other boys it was nice and quiet.

Friday, March 12, 2010

every day changes

New chimney

I don't know if you can tell from these pictures but they took the sliding glass door out and evened out the floor~ it is ready for flooring once we get the walls up :) This is the kitchen area

Wooowee look at this wonderful fence!!

It is almost ready ~ When this is done we get our dog and and can feel safe letting the boys run wild in the back yard.

Look at the porch NOW~everyday it looks so different. The front steps are going to be large in the front~
The roof is in and concrete will be poured today. I am going back out this afternoon with my friends to take more pictures.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

where's the hammer guys?

Our new front door~ the color doesn't look right in this picture is more of a red~ it will be pretty

Couldn't resist taking a pic of my teenager working on the house :)

We pulled up today and Logan was concerned that the "Hammer guys" were not there. The front porch is going to be a wonderful place.

New windows in the boys rooms

This is the size that the back window will be there will be five big windows across the back wall.

I am thinking more and more of making this back room my dining room space

It looks kind of boarded up now but in a few more days it will look wonderful with all those windows :)
I love that the back door will be across from my laundry room door~ easy access and tile floor so the kids can dump muddy clothes.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

its a beautiful day

Logan loves watching all this construction.Today we pulled up and he was so excited to see this machine ("tractor thingy" is what I called it).

the guys are working on the back room and finishing prep for the roof~I ordered the roof today we ordered a Hawaiian blue which is a grey-blue color.

We are putting can lighting in the "dining room" area , we may be making the back room the dining room~ we still aren't sure. I think it would be pretty neat to eat dinner looking out at nature every night!

The can lights are already up on the front porch. We got our new door today it is a cherry wood color with glass oval shape~ they are going to have to cut the house to fit it in :)

Look at that front porch!!! We are building big steps off the front and smaller steps on the side of the front porch.

New windows are in and they will be so easy to clean because they just pull out :)
I am so blessed and grateful to be going through this process~we are in a very different place than we were just last summer. I am looking forward to this summer~ apparently there is a wonderful lake that only locals know about called Mountain lake, we hear it is secluded and beautiful. I can't wait for this summer~ spend time with my kids in the yard~ watch my niece Lyla for 2 weeks~ I just feel like this is all a dream~
Please don't wake me :)