Tuesday, March 30, 2010

other pics

OK Mom we will take Brie's cat!!! This is a little mouse tunnel that was built under a piece of board. Mom keeps wanting me to take Monkey (this cat that just FOUND Brie) and I have not really been interested until today!!! These field mice are GIGANTIC~So Bring her out Mom!!!!!!!! The dogs seem to be nice to the neighbors cat so we will try it because to me field mice means snakes and this momma don't like snakes.

moving right along waiting for our plumbing to be finished.

this would be the bathroom and Max's room into the dining room~ below is a better shot

Zach room is on the left, then bath, then Max and Logan's room

This would be part of the kitchen through to the dining or backroom~ I am loving the idea of a passer bar :)


Maura said...

definitely get the cat! mice and snakes are no good. :)

Tara said...

You will love Monkey! Probably one of the coolest cats besides Kumar.
Wowee - that house is coming together!

Molly said...

Oh yes...get the cat!