Tuesday, November 2, 2010

gettin ready for some all nighters

Trying to get my body prepared for some all night shifts at work~ One of the guys who works the over night shift is going on vacation and needed his shifts covered. I said "I could do it!" this was several weeks ago~ the 1st night is coming up tomorrow 9PM-5AM!!!!~For those of you who do not know~ I go to bed like clock work around 9:00-10:00 EVERY NIGHT. I have been trying to nap during the day and moved my workouts to the evening but still I go to bed at like 11:00~ WHAT WAS I THINKING???~ I have not stayed up all night since my 20's and even then I was partying with my friends so it was easy to be UP~
On another note~ I caught 2 thieves on Sunday!!! One was a girl trying to get a pair of head phones out in her 1/2 eaten Cheetos bag and the other well... he stole a 1/2 used bottle of hand sanitizer that we keep up front~YES he lost his job over a 1/2 used bottle of hand sanitizer!! I must mention these are TEMPS we hire this time of year~ the actual employees won't risk their jobs~ but I am on the look out~ Happy to catch the PERPs
my shift starts tomorrow night~Hope I am UP for it!