Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!! It's a.........

Here is our beautiful baby BOY!!!!!!! Logan was disappointed at first but I just knew it was a boy and we are so excited he is beautiful & to pick names. As soon as Logan got through the shock of having another brother he said loudly "we should name him Carmine!!" Well now it is an option ;)

Today has been jam packed I worked all night last night, today was Logan's school Halloween party, trick or treating tonight and we got to see our new baby in ultrasound. We have been celebrating Halloween for the past week with nightly activities. This is one of my favorite holidays but I will kinda be glad it is over.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

WE have EGGS!!!!!!!!

We love our chickens~ we feed them all kinds of scraps from the kitchen, our juicer and what they don't eat (like lemons) attracts bugs that they do eat :)

Here are all our chickens all grown up!

We bought a straight run which is supposed to be all one sex but we lucked out~ we ended up with 1 Rooster. Can you see him in the back?
We thought it was funny that one chick was bigger than the rest we called "her" BUTCH but just recently we noticed "she" was a "he" which is wonderful news. He cocka doodle do's every morning about 5 am and then again at around 5 pm! Such a cool sound :)

Yesterday Gregg went out to tend the chicks and there were 4 eggs!! Yay!!!

and they were delicious

Saturday, August 20, 2011

School DAYS!!!!!!!

Max and Logan started school on Wednesday

~ Max is playing trombone in band and writing in the school paper~
Logan was successful on the first day and even laid quietly during nap time :) He loves his class and his new teacher.

We took him to get a new hair cut yesterday :)

Zachary started classes on Monday!! We miss him VERY much the house is too quiet without him

We enjoyed visiting him last Saturday. Seeing where he is staying, meeting his roommate and buying them lots of food to fill his fridge

So far his favorite class is English~ He says the cafeteria food is pretty good~ He texts me everyday to let me know he is fine :)

I think he was getting a little sick of Mom taking lots of pics

This is his dorm~I think he is having a total blast!!!

Lots of things have changed for the Flynn family~ I am working full time at Best Buy so I can take advantage of maternity benefits when the time comes~I am gone lots and pretty soon will be working overnights (ugh)~ So Gregg has been running the boys to and from school being a Mr. Mom & I must say he is doing a great job :)

So proud of all my GUYS

Friday, July 29, 2011

One going to college and one on the way!

Zach all dressed up for work~ He was working at El Chico as a busboy!!
Logan and his tuff guy moves

my chicks are getting bigger and they will be laying eggs very soon hopefully this fall!! My garden has died due to the very hot weather here in Southern Ok~ Happy my chickies are making it!!

We have had a wild summer so far!! We have been preparing for Zachary going off to college~ he is pretty much ready to leave off in 2 weeks I can't believe it~ Summer has gone by too fast we enroll Max & Logan next week! Then we drive Zach to school on the 13th of August!! We also found out we are having baby #4 due in March!!!!!!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

dress up

Logan has missed his brother Max but he took full advantage of his room including Max's clothing.
Mean face

Sweet face


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Flynn Family Pictures May 2011

This is my favorite but I love them all!!!

We have lots more Grad pics but saving those for something special :)

Photographer may use this one of Max and Logan in some advertising :)

Happy Mother's Day!!!!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

not in control

Gardening makes me think of my Nana True~ I would help her in her garden when I was little and I found myself thinking of her during my 1st planting season.

Here are some pics of the growing garden~ now that the chickens are out in the pen the dogs are sort of running all over the new plants ;( so we will see what actually comes up this year~it is awesome to watch the growth~planting seeds and watering just proves to be amazing to me how this grows so easily. Makes me feel closer to God somehow.

Yes the chickens are out in the coop...outside. This makes me nervous but we were thinking if we waited any longer we may not catch them to get them into the coop~ they are super fast. The dogs circle the cage soooo interested and they so want to have chicken dinner~ we are trying to teach them that these are our pets too but..... not in my control.

Even the camera is not in my control Logan loves getting crazy shots of all of us and his toys.

It is May I have lots to celebrate~ Our 5 year wedding anniversary, Zach's graduation, our lovely home, health, happiness and so much more. This is also the same month 2 years ago I lost my baby sister. It still brings pain, though it is not as hard and not as painful... it still hurts~

When my children were small I couldn't wait for them to crawl, walk, learn words, read or dress themselves. The whole time I was thinking parenting was going to get easier along with their new Independence. In fact it is the opposite ~the letting go of my control over them is hard. I keep realizing that I need to KNOW that God is in control and I am NOT!!

I did have CONTROL over all my boys yesterday as I went and had our family portraits done~ We had an amazing photographer and I can't wait to see how they turned out.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Prom Night

Zach and his lovely Prom Date~ Jordan~ I know they are going to have a wonderful time tonight!!