Monday, March 15, 2010

NEW ROOF~ spring break

We are so ready YA'LL

A good friend of mine is moving to NC :( and offered to give us their playhouse. This will be the boys club house or dog house or..... she called just in time, we can get it in the back yard before the fence is finished~

Look at these lovely front steps just a few more boards~

Look at that roof HAWAIIAN BLUE

Notice the sleeping bags~Max, Gregg and several friends and their boys went camping out at the house this weekend. They ate meat and shot guns ~ they had a blast~ I stayed home with the other boys it was nice and quiet.


Maura said...

um that roof color is BEAUTIFUL. is it standing seam? I love love love it. And the playhouse is really sweet! ps. that top pic is adorable. so exciting! the porch is great, too!

Michaela said...

Maura~standing seam??? I will ask my builder :)I know it has a 40 year warranty I get 25%off home owners insurance every year!! It was cheaper than I though and I am thrilled:)

Molly said...

Wow it is really coming along!

Tara said...

I love all the pictures! I love that first one too!

Robin said...

Things are looking great! There is a picture "somewhere" of Gregg dressed in a cowboy outfit and it jumped in my mind when I saw 'little man' with the guns!!! I can't wait to see the house when it is all finished inside and out! You are so blessed!!!