Monday, March 29, 2010

things that are left behind

Whenever I have rented a house I have always found things left behind by the previous people. I was excited this weekend when we all found little treasures~ Um there was a dumpster fire this weekend too but that story is too long~
I love my new whirlpool/tub I can't wait to take a soak~ and I had to take a pic of the happy moment I was having :)

I found a wedding dress with everything!! Dress, after party dress, everything this lady wore on her wedding night!!!

Our neighbor's sister used to own this house I am going to ask her if she might want it back? Is she still alive? Oh the questions I think about~ maybe this was from some first marriage and she left it behind. We found it in the future "MAN CAVE" (which is our garage)~ My mind wanders

I like how this one says "bird house"

Hmmm I wonder if someone was was hiding liquor :)


Tara said...

What interesting finds! I love the "bird house." That is hilarious. That bathtub looks pretty amazing!

Molly said...

Great finds! House is lookin' good!

bridget {bake at 350} said...

A WEDDING dress?!? That is crazy!