Saturday, June 19, 2010

finishing tile on father's day weekend ;)

I am so happy to be married to a handy guy~he knows how to do all these chores and he makes it look so easy

We were lucky enough to borrow a tile saw so we can finish up the floors

My husband is such a wonderful Father to my boys~ he teaches them all sorts of things~

We are finishing up projects around the house this weekend. I am sealing the granite counter tops and the boys are finishing the tile work in the kitchen and hall bathroom today ;)
Happy Father's day to my wonderful husband and Happy Father's Day to my Dad~I was so happy to see you last weekend~


Maura said...

wow - I am impressed!

bridget {bake at 350} said...

So great that he's teaching your boys! They will have that the rest of their lives! Have a great Father's Day weekend!

Molly said...

Happy Day!

Mom said...

That is a great day! Send him here to teach my husband! Happy Fathers Day Gregg!

Tara said...

I meant to post a comment long ago, but I keep getting interrupted! Yay for tile! It is just coming along!