Tuesday, March 15, 2011

good times

I have missed your face~

We had a wonderful visit

We think these 2 look sooo much alike~ CHEEKY MONKEYS~

I think I got a little smile from Miss Violet

Sorry the pictures are blurry~moving- moving- moving

It has been too long~and need to do this at least once a year (if not more)

Crystal's Weeping Cherry Snow Fountain~ it is very small (like a stick) and hope that it flourishes.

We will miss her so much~

Al Flynn's Carolina Peach Tree~ it is bigger than the rest ~feels more sturdy~ can't wait to pick fruit with MY grandchildren~We will miss our Poppa Al

Brie's Weeping Cherry Snow Fountain~

So GRATEFUL for the special sister moment we shared planting this tree~ listening to "Flown" (the song written in honor of my sister Brie), digging, crying, remembering, missing her so much~everyday. Just me and you. We also buried the patch of Brie's hair that I cut off her the last time I saw her. Now it feels more like a spot I can think of her, mourn her or just talk to her like she was there.

Cousins in stair step order :) the 2 on either end are thrilled to be doing this ;)

I love this photo~ it is one we will remember and our kids will look at when they grow up~This was the best time I have ever shared with my sister~ thanks so much for coming~ We miss you already~

We will see you at GRADUATION~


Maura said...

this looks like such a nice time. I'm glad you guys got to do this. thanks for posting all the pics!

Tara said...

A perfect moment with my sister. I love and miss you. We all had such an amazing time with you and your wonderful family. Thanks for sharing your house -- violet misses it so much already. This was my favorite moment with you as well, my beautiful sister.

bridget {bake at 350} said...

That sounds like a wonderful visit! :) So fun to see your kiddos all together!