Tuesday, February 14, 2012

getting ready for Baby Bryan

We have set up his space in the master bedroom as I will be breast feeding I felt it was best to keep him close and instead of disrupting the big boys rooms he is set up in ours :) My friends who threw the shower made these B R Y A N letters and it was set up on the sign in table. So we thought it would be great above the crib~
We have tons of diapers, wipes, sooo many clothes, a beautiful bed and super cute jungle bedding set. I can't wait to post pictures of my shower but I am still waiting on my friend to edit the pictures. It was an amazing shower and we are soo ready for Bryan's arrival.

It snowed yesterday and when I looked outside I saw all these wonderful cardinals in our trees. There were more birds I couldn't get in the shot~ I counted 16 males and lots of females. It made me feel so peaceful and so happy. So far Bryan will be born C-section on March 6th~the day before my birthday!! Unless I go into labor before hand which is ok by me teehee~

either way what an amazing BIRTHDAY gift!!


Maura said...

wow. all those cardinals!!! that is amazing. what a great good luck charm to see. Everything looks all ready and so adorable. I am really excited for you! xoxo.

Molly said...

I will be thinking about you on the 6th! The room looks great. Cardinal craziness!!! That is so cool!