Wednesday, May 19, 2010

fruit tree and a MONKEY cat

This year for Mother's Day the boys got me a JACK LALANNE juicer!!! I have always wanted one and used to watch the entire infomercial every time I saw it on TV. My Poppa Max used to watch his workouts on TV in the 50's~ I think that is what helped him stay so fit all of his life. SO I AM THRILLED and love having fresh juice in the morning.

While my Mom was visiting we were supposed to plant a tree~ it rained and we just never got to it but while she was walking around my yard she noticed I have a fruit tree growing!!!

We think it is a PEAR tree

The kids down the street also confirmed our Pear tree assessment and they would know better than me ;) Thanks Kenzi and Cobi~ I am ready to make some fresh fruit tree juice I have a recipe no matter the fruit~ there is a bunch of it growing ;)

This is Monkey she was Brie's cat~I must say I am SOOOO happy to have Monkey with us~ she has been catching and fighting rats that are the size of my puppy Fiona!!!!!! I am so serious these rats are HUGE country rats and she is an awesome hunter cat!!

Rusty just got groomed the other day and he is thrilled to have another outside companion~ We all welcome Monkey and may she catch MANY rats ;)


bridget {bake at 350} said...

Yay, Monkey cat! Yay, juicer! Now you need to make that Alien Juice! ;)

Tara said...

I will miss monkey! She is the female version of Kumar. That juicer looks cool! You have to make Bridget's Alien Juice! Cool pear tree! Have you decided on what type of tree you are planting for Brie? Still a willow?

Maura said...

The pear tree is awesome. And yay for Monkey!

Janice said...

Wow! You all have a lot of changes with your move. Love the pets! Sorry to hear about the tornado damage. That is so scary! Cool that you have a storm celler:)

Mom said...

I know Monkey is a Happy Cat and Rusty is an awesome outside companion for her. Yeah, it is a Pear Tree. I thought we should plant..Peach, Pear, and a Plum Tree!

Molly said...

Pear tree. Yay! Let us know how the juice is!