Thursday, January 13, 2011

days off

My schedule at work has been more steady. I usually work on weekends and one day during the week. I am enjoying the 3 days I have in a row to spend with my boys. I day dream about spring, the chickens that will be coming soon to our lil hen house, the trees I will plant and the possibility of getting a goat.

Our fire place is now working and love when I can stay home on the cold days and sit by the fire with my man and watch endless movies on Netflix

I tried and tried to get Logan to take a "SWEET SMILE" picture and he would sit nicely and smile soooo sweet then, he would hear the click of the camera and make a crazy face!! He is growing up so much... so fast~ He loves to wear Max's shirts (which come down to his knees), he sneeks in and puts them on and he runs in the room excitedly and says "IT FITS! IT FITS!" so we usually let him wear them.

I am enjoying TODAY and can't wait for my Mom and Lyla to visit our funny farm next week. I look forward to seeing Lyla bear, eating great food ,drinking wine, & crying THERAPY we have when we come together.


Maura said...

okay Logan looks like a little boy now!!! and a cute one at that. :) chickens sound awesome!

bridget {bake at 350} said...

I love that...."it fits! it fits!" so sweet!

Tara said...

I love those pictures of that sweet boy! What a silly guy! Violet will do the same thing with Eric's shirts. How cute! Have an amazing time with mom, Chris, and Lyla -- I wish I could be there too :)