Monday, January 31, 2011

Logan's 4th Birthday (party pics)

I can't believe my baby is 4 today! What a wonderful celebration we had with all of our friends:)

Oliver, Logan, Hannah, Carter and Braden had a BLAST!!

My friend made these cookies for the kids~they all had Sheriff badges and Logan got a special one with a shot gun ;) He really wanted a shot gun cake but.....he got a chocolate and vanilla marble cake with chocolate chip icing~ the cookies turned out wonderful ~ He just loved the shotgun cookie what a hit~
Happy Happy Birthday to my baby boy! WOW what an amazing day with some amazing friends!


Mom said...

Happy Birthday Logan. What a great day you had for your 4th. You are Lyla's best boyfriend, she said. We love you you!

Tara said...

Those cookies totally rock ! I bet he totally love them. What a great day. Happy, happy birthday!

Molly said...