Friday, April 9, 2010


Our little dog Zepplin was hit by a car and killed this afternoon~ He was SUCH a good dog especially for Logan. If there is a doggie heaven he is one of those dogs that made it.Zep went up the back steps and got out the front door while the guys were working on the house~he was hit by a car going very fast down that country road.
We will miss him ~I am waiting for Daddy to come home and tell the boys the news b/c I just can't do it! Daddy already buried him in the field behind our house:(
Kitchen Cabinets are in the bedrooms waiting to be put up:)

See the Bar that is now up in the Kitchen :)

Gregg got the back of the house mostly painted yesterday~
Say a little prayer for my boys~maybe the next dog we get will be a GIRL dog perhaps~


bridget {bake at 350} said...

Oh no, Michaela! I'm so sorry...especially for your boys.

Maura said...

oh Michaela. I'm so sorry. xoxo to your boys. I'll keep them in my thoughts!

Tara said...

Poor Zep! Thinking about you guys!