Thursday, April 8, 2010

back steps

Oh everyday changes~ Here are the new back steps and the siding is up on the back part of our house.

boys rooms and bath in the middle

My bath~to the left there is a closet and a lil towel closet further upon the left.

We are packed and half of our stuff is in the garage at the new house. I keep making little trips~ anytime we go out there we load the van down with JUNK~ and I say JUNK because we have accumulated lots of JUNK over the years. I do like how when you move (and hopefully I will never move again) you clean out all the JUNK you don't need.

Our notice is in at the apartments!!!No more land lords, no more hearing people shower next to us, no more RENT~ so we must be in by the end of this month!! The kitchen cabinets will arrive today~ the the guys are busy mudding the walls and getting ready for PAINT~ Oh I am so excited I still feel like I am dreaming~


Tara said...

Wowee!! So when do you guys officially move in again? I know all about junk - trying to purge some of mine as well. tee hee.

Michaela said...

Well... move in date is still up in the air and that is driving me nuts~ I am just getting as much junk out as I can as soon as I can~ then I am thinkin' GARAGE SALE :)