Thursday, April 15, 2010


Logan & pals

honey beige is the color~ we were going to go with a darker yellow color but Gregg chose this at the last minute and I think it is perfect. It will look awesome with the cabinets and those white spots are where the cabinets will be going. My husband is an amazing painter and he really enjoys the satisfaction of painting HIS HOUSE:)

The ceilings are painted and all the walls in the living room and kitchen will have the second coat tomorrow~ Cabinets should be in this weekend and carpet next week and Appliances MONDAY the 26th!!! It is all happening and we are so excited we almost want to just put our beds in the garage and just stay there until it is ready teehee!


Molly said...

I like this color!

Molly said...

Sorry to hear about Zep. I like the willow tree idea for Brie.That will be such a peaceful place.